• Full-scale legal representation of financial institutions during mortgage lending, and advising lenders in restructurings;


  • Drafting corporate documents for international companies (English/Hungarian);


  • Performing legal due diligence reviews of significant companies from corporate, commercial, labour and real estate law perspective and for venture capital funds;


  • Representation of clients in structuring and implementing acquisitions, providing sophisticated legal advice in the mergers and acquisitions area, participation in the negotiations and drafting the transaction documents, and providing assistance during the administration of such proceedings


  • Representation of clients in several commercial and industrial real estate transactions, preparing sale and purchase, lease and other contracts related to real estate.


  • Managing the Hungarian legal aspects of a loan facility agreement on behalf of the borrower, negotiating with the creditor’s Hungarian and foreign legal consultants


  • Establishing the Croatian subsidiary of a Hungarian mortgage loan company, handling legal issues arising in connection with its operation in Croatia;


  • Advisory services for preparing general terms and conditions, internal regulations for banks, financial institutions, leasing companies;


  • Legal representation of Hungarian venture capital funds during numerous seed, growth and other venture capital investments for SMEs, including due diligences, preparing investment documentation and negotiation in work out situations


  • Establishment of financial institutions (loan company), processing the official  approval for acquisitions in financial institutions;


  • Legal representation of fiduciary trust company, drafting trust service contracts



According to the rules of Hungarian Bar Association (8/1999. (III.22) on the legal professional ethical rules, clients, exact cases or references cannot be named on the website of the law firm. If you need further information, references about our work and expertize please do not hesitate to contact us and we are ready to provide further information about us.